Irredeemable Sins Blog Tour


Beau is a recently turned vampire. When he catches sight of Liliana, he knows there’s nothing that can keep them apart.
Liliana is a human born to the higher ranks of society. When she meets Beau, secrets of her own family heritage are revealed, changing her life forever.
Are these two fated, as Beau believes? Or were they destined for something more than either could ever imagine?
This story is told from dual POV.

From Beau’s Perspective

My fangs dropped. The man made a move to turn in my direction, but before he could make a complete turn, I was behind him. One arm went around the man’s waist to hold him in place. My other hand went to cover his mouth.

I was careful not to snap his neck as I blocked his screams. I’d done that before, by accident. The blood was drinkable if taken quickly, but it wasn’t the same as taking it while the heart still pumped and circulated it through the body.

“You are doing me a great service,” I whispered low directly into his ear.

His body shook with fear. I couldn’t wait. I sank my fangs deep into the man’s carotid artery. The blood flowed into my mouth and down my throat. It had a spicy, peppery quality. I had made a good choice.

I wanted to close my eyes and savor the flavor pouring over my tongue, but I knew that wouldn’t be wise. I wouldn’t be caught off-guard. I’d taken too many lives to give mine up over a lapse in judgment.

The body went limp in my arms, but I milked every last drop of blood I could. Why couldn’t everyone taste this good?

I dropped the body to wipe the dribble of blood from my chin. The melody the violin played drifted through my eardrums. I didn’t get music with my meal very often. It was satisfying on the most basic of levels.

The sound of a door shutting brought me out of my brief moment of ecstasy.

I shrank deeper into the shadows, positioning myself in a way that allowed me to see the party-goer who had exited. The world seemed to stop turning as shards of moonlight broke through the clouded sky.

I didn’t need the light to see the hint of freckles that dusted the woman’s small button nose, or to notice that other than that her creamy, ivory skin was unblemished. Her hair looked like it was on fire, not only in its coloring, but also the way it seemed so unruly even under the appearance of being controlled. I had an undeniable urge to get my hands tangled in the curly mess.

I nearly took a step toward her before I remembered who I was and what I was doing here.

This woman did not need a man like me in her life. Even the gods had deemed it fitting to cast a halo around her head. She was too good for me. I would only chew her up and spit her out- if she was lucky.





An avid reader, Sandra found her passion for writing at an early age. She published several poems in multiple anthologies during her high school career. Her first novella was published in late 2013 and she’s added several since then.

With a fascination for the paranormal that clearly comes across in her writing, fiction holds no bounds for this writer. Outside of writing, Sandra enjoys reading, spending time with loved ones, and cooking (with a special affinity for baking).

She loves connecting with readers, so look her up on Facebook, Twitter, and Ditterverse and send her a message or just follow along to see what’s coming in the worlds she creates.




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