Bring Your A Game


It has taken Eric Bailey years to recognize and develop his immense talent to inspire, motivate, and empower audiences around the world. Through humor, real life experience, and pure passion, Eric demonstrates that rare ability to connect with people from all walks of life. His journey from abandonment by his biological parents to the resurgence of confidence through the tough and mentally exhausting adoption process is heart-warming and nothing short of a miracle.

Every person is born with a purpose and a gift. Eric will leave you with the motivation to harness those natural-born instincts to succeed at a much higher level. This long-awaited book, Bring Your A-Game, is your guide to facing challenges and struggles in professional sports, professional speaking, corporate Australia, health and wellness, family, and friendships.

• Stop wasting your time, talent, and opportunities.
• Take control of your career, your body, and your life.
• Overcome your fears and succeed in your goals.
• Improve your motivation and work ethic to become a driver and not a passenger.

Drawing on twenty-two years of professional speaking and success coaching, experience as a radio host, and twelve years in sales and marketing, Eric has the practical and effective advice and strategies that will help you develop your A-Game in all facets of life.



“The book “Bring Your A Game” is not just your ordinary motivational book. The author has made use of real-life stories to drive the “A game” home. Humor has been used in such a way that it will make you laugh and after you do, you start thinking critically about the situation at hand. The book has insights that will teach you how to network and develop worthwhile relationships. With his story of rejection from his biological parents, Bailey demonstrates that the stone that the builder rejected shall become the cornerstone. I recommend this book to anyone looking to establish their purpose in life and to harness their talents and grab opportunities. The book teaches you how to stay in charge of your life; be the driver of your success. The knowledge from this book can be applied in all aspects of life. The insights in this book are a gem! Grab a copy” by Hope



Eric Bailey is an activational speaker: he will draw out of you the power, commitment, inspiration, and dedication that you didn’t know you had. Eric Bailey has dedicated his life to inspiring others to create a vision for their lives and take action towards making that vision a reality. He has helped over two million people around the world to manifest their dreams; now, he’s here to help you manifest yours.



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