The Power Of Women Over Men And How To Use It: The Ultimate Guide To Attracting Your Perfect Man



Nick Karson’s life-changing book, THE POWER OF WOMEN OVER MEN, blows open the doors to the male mind and unleashes your natural female power. Discover how men truly think and how to make them want you, respect you, and pursue you. Learn the secrets to make your dating life explode with attention from wonderful men. Nick’s memoirs on dating have appeared in one of Australia’s largest newspapers. Forget the rest; this is the best.
No more tears or heartache — this book covers everything you need to know, quickly teaching you how to:
• Attract and keep your perfect man.
• Discover and unleash your natural power over men and ooze self-confidence.
• Make men automatically respect and pursue you.
• Engage the “rules” of sex to your advantage.
• Play the players at their own game and sort the good men from the bad.
• Know exactly what he’s thinking AND read his body language.

Nick takes you deep inside the male mind like ONLY a male can in this secret-exposing book, written BY a man, FOR women. From first date to engagement ring…these simple secrets will empower you for life!




“I absolutely love this book. Not only is it easy to read, it is witty, charming, straight to the point and doesn’t take 80 pages to explain one thing. I love how this is a book written by a male to help women gain valuable insight into the male mind. I am sick to death of dating books that babble on with crap and sites where if you want to know more, you have to pay an inordinate amount of money to get even more useless advice. This is a gem here ladies. It’s all you really need to get you started and he even has a website where you can talk to Nick Karson yourself!” by Jade Girling

“This book is awesome!! It is one of the few in this genre actually written by a guy, and you can tell that it is. It has a lot of useful information that I have never found in other books similar to it. I really felt I was getting the inside scoop on how men think. I also really like the style in which the author wrote it. It’s empowering. Definitely worth the asking price and something that I am already referring back to for tips and advice. I can easily see myself reading this book cover to cover again. If you are a woman who is dating then these are the tips that you NEED!” by Rebecca


Nick Karson is an Australian author who has traveled much of the world, also living in Europe and America. Nick has helped many people with their relationships and self improvement techniques. He has many years of experience in the dramatic arts and communication, studying body language extensively. Nick’s memoirs and thoughts on dating have appeared in one of Australia’s largest newspapers.

Nick has helped many women find their perfect man with his advice on dating, he continues to help women daily with personal advice, and now with his book, The Power Of Women Over Men, and how to use it.



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