A Flight and A Ferrari


“A Flight and a Ferrari is the true story of a twenty-year-old venturing into unknown pastures in search of a bright future. He travels from Chennai to the United States with just a hundred dollars and a backpack. Hard work, destiny and luck complement each other to guide his path and as he crosses puddles, he also finds stepping stones.

A Flight and a Ferrari is all about hard work, learning from experiences and facing some of life’s toughest challenges with confidence.



“A Flight and a Ferrari” caught my attention when I read that it is based on a true story, and throughout the novel you can feel it as if it is being told to you face to face.

The story is centered on the story of a twenty-year-old’s journey from Chennai, India to the United States, with nothing but a backpack and a hundred dollars. So begins the path through many teachings and understandings on how to overcome life’s trials and tribulations.

However, at its core, the book is much more than just a story. It is a life experience told in the form of a novel. The author conveys a deep message that goes beyond the pages. A message of sacrifice, of inspiration, of hard work, and of learning from experience, both good and bad.

This is a true inspirational story that left me with much more than I expected and that I will cherish and recommend for anyone wise enough to learn from the experiences of others.


Born on 24 April, 1982 Suraj Karuppan Viswanathan, studied in Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan and Santhome Higher Secondary School before he went on to study Production Engineering at Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai.

Excelling in both studies and extracurricular activities, Karuppan also developed a passion for bikes and cars, from his schooldays. A chance trip to the United States, when he was twenty-one years old, led Karuppan to finding his life’s true calling in the Moving Industry. He developed a passion for his job and through a mission statement, put a framework to this passion. He carved a niche for himself in the industry and as he went about life’s journey from one milestone to another, there was no looking back. Today, Karuppan has business interests in four major industries in the US.

Karuppan is married and has a four-year-old son. He is based in California and his parents reside in Chennai.




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