A Superstar Love Story: Powering Through the Friend Zone


“Listen, I really like you.”

“Awww. I really like you too – you’re such a good friend!”

Those are words no one ever wants to hear.

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “we’re just friends,” you know all too well the awkwardness of being in that situation. And if you’ve ever been told “we’re just friends,” you know the weird and embarrassing pain of telling your crush you want to take the relationship to the next level, only to be told they don’t feel the same way.

Many people from all walks of life face unrequited love and wind up in the “friend zone.”

What if I told you most people friend zone themselves?

One of the reasons people end up being “just friends” is they are simply not attractive to the person they desire.

Is it possible to get out the friend zone?

Enter Angelo, an obese tech engineer in desperate need of losing 180 pounds of body fat. When serendipity introduces him to super fit Jean, he’s instantly placed inside the infamous friend zone. Ignoring countless rejection and logical reasoning, Angelo embarks on a mythical journey over three mountains. Never giving in to despair, Angelo‘s astonishing journey shows you how far willpower, perseverance and love can take you. And that nothing’s over until it’s over.

More than a book about struggling with the mystery of the friend zone dilemma, this insightful true story is about breaking down self-imposed limitations about what’s possible in love, life and fitness. It showcases you must stumble in order to triumph, and the transformative power of the human mind. Witty, inspirational and unflatteringly honest, this feel-good drama appeals to the very essence of why romantic relationships are so hard to be successful. And why they’re worth the often painful pursuit.

Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for a relationship, or happily single, you’ll walk away with a renewed faith in dating and relationships.

Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle is a writer, entrepreneur, and coach based out of Menlo Park, CA. He fell into all these roles by stubbornness or dumb luck. He writes about things that move him.



Ever been in a situation where you really like someone, but that person, before you even made a move, had bluntly told you that they like you as a “friend”? A huge wall suddenly appears and your hopes are trashed.

As I think that most of us have been there at some point, it is refreshing to find such a heartwarming book that takes a true story and shows us all the emotions that are involved when being in the “friend zone”.

The story centers on Angelo, a 180 pound engineer that has a crush on Jean. She, on the other hand, being the model she thinks she is, has placed Angelo in the friend zone. And so begins his journey that will take him not only to pursue weight loss, but on a deeper, much more profound search. It is a powerful story about breaking one’s own boundaries and striving to do that which we never thought possible. In the end, it is mostly a journey of learning to accept ourselves and overcoming our so-called failures.

I read through the book and found much more than I expected. It is not only a story of a supposedly impossible love, but it has much to inspire us in our own personal journeys.



Juan Antonio was born several months premature in Puebla, Mexico. He almost didn’t make it and to this day, still hates the sight of mechanical ventilators. He was raised by loving, working class parents. He won 1st place at the first and third grade storytelling school competition (I think he boycotted second grade for some reason). His love of reading and writing took off thanks to his high school teacher Mr. Miller. Ever since, he’s been reading in various niche interests and writing about what he knows best. His first book, “A Superstar Love Story: Powering Through the Friend Zone,” addresses one of the most common and painful situations known to humans – “the FRIEND ZONE.” He prefers to be addressed by his middle name Juan Antonio. Yes, you have to say both names. He’s Founder & CEO of Minds of Steel.



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