Collapsing the 9 Love Struggles: A Practical Guide to Transform Relationships and Elevate Love


In Collapsing The 9 Love Struggles, the author suggests that we can dramatically improve our intimate life when we become deeply aware of how we have become confused with love.

This book has the power to change our relationship with love and how we see ourselves as embodied humans on this planet.

The book is ranked 4.5 stars on you can get it free with a vote at

ULS is a new social network and online course lead by leading experts about love and intimacy. We help heal the world. One heart at a time.

 Free Copy Of Our Book When You Vote For Us!

As a thank you for voting us, we will send you a digital copy of our award winning book, Collapsing The 9 Love Struggles.

All you need to do is send the vote confirmation email that you will receive from Voom to and we will send you the book!


“I absolutely Love this book. I couldn’t wait to get it and I started it the day I got it. It arrived faster than expected and I have already begun to apply the material to my life. I am openly waiting for more of the wisdom inside to play out in my life. Thank you Stephen!” by Thea Bert, USA

“I am grateful for this book and for Stephen’s insight. He writes in a relatable manner, like a trusted friend giving great advice. I immediately employed his techniques into my life — and marriage to the delight of my husband. The bond between us has strengthened noticeably in the last few weeks, which says a lot for our 25 year marriage that was already tight. The emotional mastery we are developing as a result of this book is enabling us to have new found clarity. We discovered exhilarating new depth between us. The first step is getting real within, and then bringing that wisdom to any relationship is invaluable. I highly recommend this book.” by S. Bachechi. USA


ULS Is Not Only An Interactive Course. It’s Also A Social Network!

Imagine a social network where the focus and intention is to heal your heart and be the best version of who you can be on the path of love.

Inside ULS everyone has a wall, a profile page, and a personal messaging inbox to connect with new members and friends who are also on this transformational journey.

We built it as a social network because we realized something crucial about human beings: We learn faster, together.

You can access the ULS social network anywhere you like. It’s a great place to meet new friends or even a potential new partner.



Stephen is on a journey to help bring men and women together to heal the human heart. He is also on a journey to win this Voom competition!



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