The Long Way Home


He had a boat. She needed a ride. A simple lift turned into the adventure of a lifetime.
When Meg was stranded in the Bahamas, her life was dramatically changed through an encounter with an old friend that turned into adventure, danger, and discovery.

Meg Freeman and Jon Davenport began a surprising adventure, connected to a 17th century, shipwrecked Spanish galleon. Both Freeman and Davenport had experienced the sorrow of losing a spouse, but they found a renewed friendship as they had an amazing undersea discovery and encountered terrorists along the way. Join this couple’s adventure of romance and suspense where the long way home became a ride that would change their lives forever.

The Long Way Home is book one in The Davenport Series.Enjoy the continuing saga of love, danger, discovery, and suspense as it winds its way through each volume of this Bahamian adventure.



“I really liked this book. The characters were well developed and it was nice to not to have pages of sex. I liked the story of finding the old ships that were suppose to have treasure and also the intriguing bad guys. There has to be another book to follow because at the end Meg sees something shining as they grab a Crab out of it’s hole and also I think something is in their cove where they live. I’ll have to get ahold of Mr. Knight and find out.” by F. Breece

“When you read the book it will be obvious why the author chose the title, The Long Way Home. The story is about the hero and heroine taking the “long way home.” Had Mr. Knight desired a subtitle, “The Long Way Home: Adventures on the High Seas” would have captured the complete story. The hero and heroine, Jon and Meg,encountered a myriad of circumstances while on the seas. A 17th century shipwrecked Spanish galleon, the discovery of gold, worth thousands of dollars, dangers of the sea world and terrorists delayed their trip over and over. These same circumstances will keep you up reading late into the night as the suspense builds from page to page and from chapter to chapter.” by Edwina E. Cowgill



Judah Knight was born in Tennessee and grew up in a home that provided love, support, and opportunities. He enjoyed an early life of diversity that included athletics, music, and active church attendance. Judah received his formal education at various places including the University of Georgia and Texas.

Though his educational pursuits eventually earned him a doctorate degree, he has found that learning and personal growth will be a lifetime pursuit. Judah is an avid outdoors man and enjoys scuba diving, boating, and camping. He is married with 6 children and finds his greatest joy with his wife and children.

Though Judah has written for years in other genres, “The Long Way Home” was his first novel. It expresses his passion for scuba diving, his dream of treasure hunting, and the opportunity to overcome life’s challenges brought on by sorrow and unfulfilled dreams. He wrote it, in part, as a reaction to modern-day action and romance novels that are filled with vulgarity and explicit sex.

He feels that people can enjoy a good story and engage their imaginations without language and circumstances that some deem offensive. You can now find two additional books in “The Davenport Series.” Book four is due for release before Christmas of 2016.



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