No Chemo, No Surgery and No Radiaton: A natural approach to cancer


While the Traditional Medicine consider that Metastatic Breast Cancer stage 4 is a chronic and incurable disease, Deborah reversed the metastasis in her body and shrank the tumor down from 4.0 cm to 1.0 cm
with NO CHEMO, NO SURGERY, AND NO RADIATION. While she keeps focusing in to heal completely she is writing a book to help others that are suffering from Cancer. Her mission is to re-educate and inform that Cancer can be cured with no chemo, no surgery, and no radiation.

. APRIL 2014: Doctors found a big tumor 4.0 cm with metastasis. She took the natural path. She was successfully reversing the metastasis and shrinking the tumor down. The pain went away…
. APRIL 2015:  After one year Deborah  went back to her regular lifestyle: “Work hard and party harder”.
. MAY 2015:During a trip to North Caroline Deborah started with a dry cough.
. OCTOBER 2015: After suffering stress and emotional struggles her Immune System went down, the coughing went worse and she began to experience severe shortness of breath.
. NOVEMBER 2015: Deborah went to the emergency room for not be able to breathe.  She was suffering from Pneumonia. For the lack of oxygen and good nutrition the tumor grew from 1.5 cm to 2.7 cm. Doctors found cancerous cells in the fluids of her lungs.  So her diagnose was Breast Cancer stage 4. She started with hormone treatment.
. DECEMBER  2015: Deborah was hospitalized again. Doctors took more fluids from her lungs. When a person has Cancer the immune system is often weaker.
. MARCH 2016: Doctors role out…she doesn’t have any metastasis anymore and the tumor is almost gone.



Cancer steals away your most valuable resource: HEALTH. This book is a strategy guide based in my two years of re-search and experience to help you prevent and heal of Cancer naturally. Take yourself on a journey starting with nutrition, natural supplements, exercises and state of mind to boost your immune system.  Why wait until the body has broken down to fix it? This book will helps you repair, reverse and prevent damage caused by the ongoing Cancer process.

Knowing your body, being able to recognize when something is wrong, and having the tools to fix it, is what this book is about.

I believe that Cancer is a karma of the humanity, it is the mother nature desperately asking for respect. Respect to our ecosystem that had been contaminated. The modification of the animals and vegetables that we eat is not healthy. We have to go back to nature and healthy lifestyle. This book has a humanitarian mission. I believe that everybody has a right  to get informed and educated about prevention and cure of Breast Cancer with no chemo, no surgery, and no radiation regardless of their nationality, age and income. My goal is not only to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better but to do this for all the people in the world . I am going to translate this book into different languages in order for it to be accessible to as many people around the globe as possible.




If you care about surrounding world and want to make it better, then NO CHEMO-NO RADIATION-NO SURGERY is your book. By helping me write it, you are getting not only a practical guide but also an open road to a new life. Please help with this mission sharing this campaign or donating . Your donations no matter how big or how small will be greatly appreciated AND YOU WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO RECEIVE THE BOOK.

Donations can also be made anonymously.







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