Story of a Secret Heart – Spotlight & Review


A broken heart hurts, but it can also be fun……

Based on a true story.

As Cassi, a 30-year old single woman, leaves a long-term, unhappy relationship, she struggles with the pain and anguish of a broken heart. When, by chance, she meets a handsome stranger, he introduces her to a world that she didn’t even know existed. As she begins to slowly forget all about her broken heart she learns to have fun again. It is then that her life starts to spiral out of control and all she can do is laugh and hang on tight.

Story of a Secret Heart is about breaking up . . . and breaking down. It’s about the roller-coaster ride of a breakup and all the dating and relationship stories in-between.



Ever been in a bad relationship? Ever discovered that your guy was cheating on you? Now, imagine that this happens when you’re with him and far away from home. And by that, I don’t mean in another city or even another state, but another continent altogether, and left with no friends or family to fall back on.

This is how “Story of a Secret Heart” starts out, as we are introduced to Cassi and her break-up. After that, things start to spin out of control as she meets someone who shows her a world that she had never known, and not necessarily in a good sense.

Through her trials and tribulations, Cassi will have to find her inner strength and keep a smile on her face even in front of adversity. After a few pages, you will surely be rooting for her, as there are many things that you will most likely identify with and other times when you wish you had her strength.

In all, it is not only a deep look at breaking up and picking up the pieces to carry on, but also a lesson in overcoming even the worst of situations.


When I turned 30 I was single, alone and heart broken on the other side of the globe. I started writing as sort of therapy at the time, but after people started reading it and said it was actually good, I thought maybe others might like to hear my story. Maybe those going through a hard time will take something away from it.
Apart from that, you will find out so much more by reading the blog and my book, Story of a Secret Heart… but, I love animals, especially cats, and I love to laugh!
The book, Story of a Secret Heart, is the story of how my broken heart became the making of me. Even today, the stories still make me laugh!



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