House of Petticoats: The Jessie Huffman Story


Historical, funny, sad, loving and sometimes tragic, House of Petticoats is the true story of the life of long-time Greensboro native, Jessie Huffman, as she grew up during the 1920s and through World War II.

If you long again for a good, clean, feel-good and uplifting read reminiscent of Little House or the Waltons, House of Petticoats will certainly please.

Written by the popular author of White Christmas, Bloody Christmas and The Meaning of Our Tears, House of Petticoats will be a title you will feel good about sharing with a young man or woman in your household, your friends or your grandparents.

Don’t miss this loving tale of Emmett and Maggie Huffman and their four young ladies in their “House of Petticoats.”



House of Petticoats is also in the Kindle Select Program and the Kindle Lending Library Program



I can say with all humility, I am not your typical writer or author.  I was born a “country girl” in rural North Carolina and that is my heritage.  I have a southern accent and proud of it!  I am the youngest of three, with a sister and brother. Our parents blue collar but honest and hard-working. Education was hard to come by with our back ground but all of us returned to college as adults.  We have all been successful in our own areas.

My siblings and I grew up with parents who loved us but were of modest means.  We learned the value of a dollar and the value of hard work, gratitude and honesty.  We learned to care for ourselves and others and to always do our best.  There is no substitute for hard work and determination.

People often ask me how I learned to write.  I feel one learns to write by reading.  After learning the basics of your education, every quality piece of writing you encounter can be your teacher.   You literally learn from those who came before you. Reading is a free education in writing as well as many things to anyone who wants to partake.  In addition to that, you must put yourself wholeheartedly into what you write.  Don’t be afraid to write what you want and do it the way you want.  I’m my own person and I write that way.  Writing and publishing isn’t as easy at it appears and stepping out and owning up to your own thoughts and ideas is what it is all about.

One of the hardest things you can do in writing is to have the courage to step out on your own.  I stepped out of my comfort zone to bring you the titles that I have.  I have laughed and cried along the way.  If you have a passion to write or create I encourage you to begin.  There is never a time like now.

As the song says:  when the music starts…. “I hope you’ll dance….”



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