Auto Empire – Spotlight


The automotive industry has a tumultuous history rife with back-room deals, brilliant innovation, colorful characters, and marked by the complete transformation of our planet.
In Auto Empire, author Choi paints a compelling picture of the birth and growth of the modern auto industry. And how acquisitions and mergers, in particular, have paved the way for the auto industry of today and tomorrow.

From the first steam-powered carriage, to alternative energy and self-driving cars, the world can barely accommodate the ambitions of this massive industry. But in Auto Empire, Choi fearlessly tackles the industry in all its glory and failings to illuminate how it transformed itself and the world. Choi unfolds a fascinating history that spans diverse industries, epic upheavals, and touches every corner of the world.

Auto Empire seamlessly weaves the eras of the automotive industry into a thought-provoking portrait of its continued evolution through acquisitions and mergers. To think, we went from sweatshop assembly lines and 14-hour work days, to high-tech automation and digital innovation. In Auto Empire, Choi captures this amazing spirit of transformation – richly illustrated with more than 100 full-color photos, graphs, and chart.

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Auto Empire will be an insightful guide for CEOs,executives and employees of automobile companies. It also makes a valuableeconomic and business management study for students aspiring to find jobs inthe auto industry. Upon reading this book, I could sense the extensive researchdone by the authors and their attempts to approach information from various viewpoints. Iam confident that once you read this book, the cars cruising on the streetswill never look the same. by Hyundai Motor’s former CEO, Choong-ho Kim

If someone were toask the authors, “What is this book?” they’d say, “Abook that gives us something we all want: Freedom.” by President of Kookmin University, Ji-soo Yu



Eric Choi is the #1 ranked analyst of the auto/tire industry. As the top professional, Eric has been invited to many countries giving speeches, and he has given consultations to the Bank of Korea, KOTRA, Korea Automobile Manufacturer Association, etc.

While working at the Research Center of Shinhan Investment covering the automotive, auto parts, and tire industries, he is also a full-time columnist with special expertise in automotives.

Eric began his career as an analyst in 2009 after graduating from Sungkyunkwan University with a degree in business administration. He built his career working at a global investment bank and a newspaper company. While in college, he founded the university’s finance club, “The Coner”.


Richard Choi is an automotive journalist in The Korea Economic Daily. Richard began his career in 2007. He worked department of consumer affairs and department of social affairs. In 2011, Richard coverd the automotive, auto parts and tire industries. He built his career with writing books and speech. Richard contributes articles to the Hankyung Business Weekly and professional automotive media Road Test. He is also appearing in radio program. And lectures at the university. Richard wrote book “Common sense Laws of Automobile”, “MY CAR MINI”, “Small Giants of auto parts industry”, “Auto Empire”, “Conditions of the Convergence Talent”.



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