How You Loved Me


From the dark past of a beguiling girl in a vintage poodle skirt, to a sinister stepfather, to an enthusiastic and intuitive detective who’s out to solve her first big case, fear claws at the doors and walls in this after-dark story of terror.

Detective Arizona Stewart is a beautiful red-headed sleuth with a talent for reading others and a dark past and secrets of her own. She’s assigned to a case in which a serial killer stalks young girls who dress in 1950’s clothing.

The latest victim is a young college girl who looks like Marilyn Monroe, last seen at a 50’s dance fundraiser. Arizona begins her quest for the truth, and soon she is partnered with Graham, a handsome private investigator like herself with a questionable dark side.

Arizona and Graham track the growing clues towards solving the identity of the perpetrator, all the while growing closer themselves.

Who will be the murderer among them: the menacing boyfriend, the stepfather with questionable motives, or even Graham himself?

A passionate, consuming romance is born within the midst of an ever-blossoming mystery: Who is the killer behind an old ghost legend, a vintage car, and a haunting love song from the past? And can Arizona really trust anyone but herself?



“Wow! It’s a Fantastic book.There is a lot that can be said about this book, but the most important thing is this: it is a true romance, in every way, on every level.This is a true love at first sight story, featuring a hero who falls instantly for the heroine and does his level best to win her heart.A very well written tale of romance and love. Received for an honest review from the publicist and/or publisher.So really I absolutely love this book and Highly recommended.” By Kelly J. Higgs



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