Terminal Justice: Mystery and Suspense Crime Thriller


What would you do, if you only had three months left to live?

And, what if all of your money had gone to pay your medical treatment? And you had nothing to leave for your loved ones?

Think about it. . .what would you do?

Now, a mysterious stranger has approached you with an intriguing offer. . .

Four million dollars will be inherited by your family, upon your death, if you will strap plastic explosives around your waist, and blow yourself to bits, along with someone who has just been acquitted of a heinous crime.

>> Would you do it?

>> You’re going to die anyway.

>> Think about it . . .

Most terminally ill patients, spend their last days and hours sharing that most precious of time with their family and friends.

In Lyle Howard’s new pulse-pounding thriller, TERMINAL JUSTICE, terminally ill patients spend their last few hours tracking down murderers and felons who have walked free on technicalities or horrible miscarriages of justice. Then, the patients become violent avengers – killing the murderers in explosive suicide bombings.

A mafia kingpin, a homicidal televangelist, and a handful of others. . .none of these acquitted transgressors are safe from the explosive retribution of the evil mastermind behind this brand of terminal justice!

When Gabe Mitchell, an ex-police detective, who himself has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, is enlisted by the mysterious organization responsible for the suicide bombings, he will have to chose pulling the trigger on his own suicide bomb, or risking everything to expose the deadly conspiracy.

A Mystery and Suspense Crime Thriller

From the opening detonation in Las Vegas, to the surprise ending that won’t be revealed until the story’s very last sentence, Terminal Justice is a character driven story, that will keep the reader cheering for more.



“Absolutely a brilliant book, kept me hooked from the very first page to the last, and the ending is one of the best I have ever read, did not see it coming and when I did I just had to laugh in relief when I realized what was happening, Lyle Howard you are the reason I love to read books, and I will be eagerly waiting your next novel, but don’t keep me waiting too long, I would recommend this great book to anyone who likes a good thriller, this one will not let you down, am still thinking about the brilliant ending, my only problem now is picking my next book to read, as after this one it will be a tough act to follow.”
M. Wheeler, April 23, 2014
“A book that keeps the reader so completely engrossed in the events unfolding in the story that the reader totally identifies with Gabe Mitchell, feels the same fears, anger, disappointments and thrills. It was a roller coaster journey through the book to experience everything that Gabe does and feel the same emotions and stress. In fact, this same stress compels the reader to go through the book in one sitting just to get to the end! The traits of the different characters are so well etched and so distinctive that one starts thinking that all these characters truly exist in the state of Florida!!! The completely unexpected ending takes the reader by surprise and leaves the reader gasping!”
Uma I. Van Roosenbeek , April 24, 2014



Lyle Howard was born and raised in South Florida. Married to his wife Riva, Mr. Howard has always been an avid writer. “As long as I can remember, writing fiction has always been my creative outlet.”

Lyle Howard first hit the literary scene with his first published novel “Mr. Sandman” in 1995. In the nineteen years since, he has been teaching journalism classes to aspiring young writers.

“I don’t look at the world the way others do.” It’s this perspective on life that makes Mr. Howard’s novels unique and thought provoking. “I look forward to getting back into professional writing.”

So don’t think that Mr. Howard has ever stopped writing during his teaching hiatus. He has eight more novels waiting for editing, so his fans can look forward to more excitement and tension for a while to come.

In his free time, Mr. Howard loves to walk the beach with his wife and hit the links with his golf buddies.

He asks that all of his readers please write an honest review on his Amazon page.



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