Coloring Book For The Soul: A Shamanistic Way Of Seeing


This coloring book was designed for adults, but kids love it too because of all the secret characters you can find and discuss. Ultimately coloring in this book you will use your imagination and calm the mind. Rick’s sketches were produced through his years of experience with meditation and spontaneous healing drawings.


Sample Pages

Screen_Shot_20160419_at_114517_AM Screen_Shot_20160419_at_114400_AM


“There is currently a huge craze for adult coloring books and I see them everywhere. Coloring Book For The Soul stands out amongst the huge selection available. Each drawing comes with a little blurb about what the drawing means for the author and you get to follow along with the author’s journey but also allows you to interpret each one for yourself and make it your own as you color. Very fun and highly recommend!” by Fannie W

“I must say the illustrations are original ,playfull and stimulating.i recommend this book to the whole family as a personal pleasure or as a heart felt gift.” by Peter Gioello

“This is a beautiful spiritual & healing book, including artwork for coloring and short texts for inspiration. Both for adults and children. A true rare gem in the world of coloring books. How many times do you get to color original gallery-quality art work? When do you ever get to be uplifted by concise transformational texts? Rick Gioiello’s book offers you that chance. Take it!!” by Amazon Customer


Rick Gioiello, beginning at a young age of 7 creating funny characters – acting – comedic and drawing of course, (inspired by my older brother in high school). Studying art through out middle school, high school, and first year of college and later became immersed in photography and film, which led to focusing on shooting street photography “capturing a moment”, portrait, fashion and interiors. Having shows in Tribecca for photography, and winning awards in film. A couple of years ago something phenomenal happened that brought Rick back to his roots of art. Being a meditator for over 20 years, having a healing and yoga interest, he’s blending his work in doing healing drawings. He has reunited with the spontaneous spirit drawings by doing a healing for his cousin Armand, and that sparked his drawing every day, “sketch of the day.” Which currently is available to purchase on line. He is excited to take the black and white drawings he has been doing daily for over 2 years now into using color again. His drawings and paintings are available for purchase and special signings and workshops.






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