Supernatural Hero and the Zombies


Supernatural Hero and the Zombies is the 3rd book in the series. Andy has a new battle to win in order to save the ones he love. The toughest battle yet…



“This is a great kid’s chapter book. The author writes with a lot of imagination and any kid who loves hiding in books and telling stories will love this one. Packed with zombie adventures, Supernatural Hero and the Zombies is well written. Andy is an annoying little brother, about to graduate to middle school who communicates with his grandpa who passed away and wants to be cool, but has such a wild imagination that he lives in another world. Every time he tries to tell his girlfriend about the zombies that chase him, something gets in the way. Includes black and white drawings every few pages that show what’s going on in the story.” by Amy Irvin

“I love children’s books and this is a recent favorite. Kids will love the main character, who deals with the same issues as any other kid, and many that are not so typical (like zombies). Lots of good life lessons contained in these pages, in a way that is fun and easy to absorb. Recommended.” by Anne

“This was a really enjoyable story. Andy is a socially isolated middle school age boy. He is a sweet good hearted person that is often misunderstood. This book deals with many important themes. The illness and death of a loved one is center stage. The story also covers dealing with bullying at school, dealing with a difficult sibling, and living up to expectations of your parents.So really I love it and highly recommended.” by Linda Gonzalez



Eran Gadot is an award winning author. Gadot is married and a father to three children and two cats. He is proud to have ADHD and loves the fact that writing is the only way for him to focus on one thing. In his younger years he owned Pet Coffee, the first coffee place for dogs and their owners. He then opened a new coffee place, No Bill, where customers were free to pay as they please. He was the co-founder and CEO of a small high-tech company which was later sold to Playtech.
He is currently one of the owners of an advertising agency, works as the head of the creative department. His love for sports got him to be owner of a sports live scores website and an enthusiastic tennis player. He also has helped producing several independent films.FacebookButtonTwitterButtonButtonsAdd-to-Goodreads


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