The Money Walks


Dermot Coyle enjoys a life of hermetic solitude with just a steady intake of Guinness and a few bets on the horses to pass the time. This all changes when his free-wheeling brother- Ultan- comes back from London. He is to stay just a couple of days, but disappears without trace within hours of arriving in Dublin. Coyle, reluctantly takes on the task of tracking him down. It leads him to an underworld of smoke and mirrors and forces him to delve deep and find resources of resilience and humanity he had long since buried.






“The sun occasionally breaks through the clouds in this suspense novel while we get acquainted to a potpourri of Irish characters. A steady plot development with a pacey finish makes for a great read.” by Amazon Customer

“Liked the main character. Well drawn and holds your attention up to the end. Good story and enjoyed many of the descriptions of the situations and the people. It’s an Irish book in the Irish tradition.” by Domhnall O’suibhne

“The bean counting, misanthropic, barfly Coyle’s quest to save his wayward brother’s skin is an engaging and lively read. There’s depth as well as pace and a satisfying ending to The Money Walks. The impact of Coyle’s emotionally fractured family past is particularly well captured and Coyle settles into the readers affections as smoothly and subtly as a pint of his beloved Guinness.” by Amazon Customer



Writing creates a door to a parallel universe. It is an escape from the humdrum of daily life. I’m not complaining. I live a safe and secure life in a democratic country and earn enough to live on.

I’m a Guidance Counsellor at a second level school and pretty happy with that. I have three great kids and a wife who makes me laugh, so on the face of it I couldn’t ask for more, but at the same time a lot of life is filled with the usual mundane tasks that keep it all ticking over; cleaning, cooking, shopping, working, commuting, giving lifts, having little squabbles, staring in horror at utility bills etc, so it’s nice to have this portal to another world where you can go and wander among the characters you have created and find out what their quirks, foibles, likes, dislikes, motivations are as you dry those dishes or gaze blankly at the back of the car in front of you as you are stopped at the lights.

I know I’m never going to be a great writer, but if I’m an ok writer who works at his craft that is good enough for me. I would like to think I can put an original slant on some common experience and create engaging stories with a personal twist.

I hope that you, the reader will enjoy the books and that you can find the time to let me know where I’ve done well and where I haven’t done so well.



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