I’ll Give You Something to Cry About: A memoir of a daughter’s struggle to survive a mother with paranoia, schizophrenia, and manic depression


In I’ll Give You Something to Cry About, Elizabeth Acker gives a stunning account of growing up under the abusive control of an emotionally and mentally ill mother. Elizabeth is forced to become estranged from her father and struggles alone to create hope and meaning for her life while serving her mother like a slave. This book is a true account of a daughter’s struggle to survive a mother with paranoia, schizophrenia, and manic depression.

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“A real page turner. Fantastic book. Real writing. I was trying to keep my eyes open to read more I didn’t want to put it down. Really connected with the writer and was sad that the book ended. Would love to hear more about this amazing and brave ladies life. One of the best books I have read in a very long time and I read at least 3 books a week.
Just brilliant!!!!” by Amazon Customer

“The girl lived a very difficult life at home, her mother was clearly unwell and as a consequence made the girl’s life a misery. So wonderful to read that she left home when she could and lived happily if scarred.” by Amazon Customer

“Literally hated to put this book down. I not read such an interesting book in quite awhile. Well worth reading.” by Ann



‘I’ll Give You Something to Cry About’ is my first published book. It all started when I wrote seven chapters about my childhood and a professor encouraged me to write more. I never planned on writing anything else, I only wanted to pass the class. My aunt proof read the chapters before I turned everything in, and she gave it to my grandmother to read. After that, both of them kept telling me to write the book and publish it. So, I did. I appreciate all of the comments and ratings, because this is a learning experience for me as well.

I am currently writing the next book called, “Traveling with Dogs” and I hope to have the first one out this fall. It’s a series of books about my travels to different parts of the world. Thank you again.



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