How to become a Real Estate Appraiser – 3rd Edition: The best home based business in America


Statistic show that there is an imminent Real Estate Appraiser shortage which will translate into even higher fees for Real Estate Appraisers in the future. Now is the time to start the journey towards becoming a Real Estate Appraiser and this book is the perfect starting point for those desiring to enter into a field that the author considers is “The best home based business in America” The primary focus of the book is to guide the reader towards a career in Residential Real Estate Appraising.

The author has over 35 years of Residential Real Estate Appraisal experience working primarily from a home base. The author has found the profession to be extremely suited to a home-based operation, without diminishing the highest standards of professional practice, quality of work, and the professionalism expected of the modern real estate appraiser. “The earth is real estate and so long as it exists there will be a need for a Real Estate Appraiser”. (Author: Sharon P. Carson)



“From the beginning of this book I appreciated the personal approach Ms. Carson uses, she speaks from her experience and it helps this career seem less intimidating. This book is not a sales pitch, it’s a book to help guide a want-to-be Real Estate Appraiser on what it takes to do this job, as well as the ups and downs of the career. I’ve been working exclusively online for the last few years and have been looking for something else to add to my portfolio, something interesting that I could handle. As soon as I heard that a Real Estate Appraiser could work from home I knew this was something I had to pursue. This book has really opened my eyes to what I need to expect, from FAQs on regulations to qualifications, I now feel way more confident that this is a great fit and job opportunity for me.” by Mo Birch

“I am really impressed at the amount of knowledge the author has about real estate appraisal. The author makes the entire process seem so simple, and the language makes the process very easy to understand. Up until now, I haven’t found a book that has covered everything about real estate appraisal, specifically training and certification and the different types of real estate appraisal to get started. For me this guide has been a blessing and has allowed me to really gain a wealth of knowledge about the topic of real estate appraisal. For the price, you really can’t beat this guide, as the amount of content provided within the book was well worth my investment. Overall this guide has provided me the tools I need to become a real estate appraiser, and I really enjoyed the whole process of apply the knowledge.” by Tony Robson


Sharon P. Carson is a Christian author, poet and a motivational speaker, writing since the age of thirteen.   Sharon is also a State Certified Real Estate Appraiser having practiced within the State of Illinois for over 35 years.

The author believes that dreams become reality only when the dreamer awakens.

The intent of all of Sharon’s endeavors is to wake her readers and hearers up with inspired overarching themes of life, love, happiness and the power within.



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