Uncle Ben’s money lessons: Part I: Do you want to work for money?

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Who is going to teach your children how to manage money?

Money does not come with a user’s manual and children are not taught basic money management skills in most homes. They are left to figure it out based on how they see their parents handle money, who learned from their parents too.

Jason is a typical 4th grader next door who wanted a better life than his parents had. At a Christmas holiday family reunion back at the village, he met a wealthy businessman through his Uncle, who gives him some money lessons.

Uncle Ben’s money lessons Part 1 tells the story of the money lessons Jason and his friends learned as Uncle Ben taught them how to make money work for them through growing a money tree and making the crossing from being a hunter to a farmer.

This is a valuable lesson for 7 – 18 year olds as they start their life journey, including learning skills that will equip them to manage money successfully as adults.




Usiere Uko is not your regular personal finance expert. He worked for a national and international oil company as an engineer before he quit to follow his dreams. He achieved financial independence by learning from first principles and has devoted his life to teaching others to become free to be who they were born to be so that they can do what they were born to do.

He is a man on a mission – to inspire everyday folks to rise above their circumstances/excuses and live their dreams. He calls himself a dreamer who lives next door to reality, and believes everyone has a God given right to live his or her dreams.

Usiere is a personal finance coach, a Personal Finance columnist for Punch and Daily Trust Newspapers (both in Nigeria). He also writes Leadership & Lifestyle and Today’s Lifeline magazines.

Usiere is a rookie marathoner, wannabe sky diver and believes in living life without limits. He has lived in the US, UK and France in the course of his engineering career. Usiere now lives in Lagos Nigeria and is happily married with a lovely son and daughter.




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