Sofia Taylor awakes from a car accident to find her world has been turned upside down. An Anima has taken her identity and trapped her on the other side.

Sofia must find a way to stop the Anima and return home, before it is too late. But, other forces are at play and Sofia must learn, as quickly as possible, how things are governed in the underworld.

With the lord of the underworld hot on her tail, Sofia seeks the guidance from the higher council, a collection of celestial beings. However, no one can help her, not even a fallen angel. She navigates her way around the lower realms, with two tortured souls and the higher council, all racing to uncover the Anima’s plan. All of them suffer a rude awakening.



Sofia Taylor’s life was forever changed when she learns that she has been in a car accident. When she awakes she finds that she is being held on the other side by an Anima.
She refuses to be held against her will. She breaks free of her abductor and sets out to learn how to escape the underworld. On her journey to find freedom she joins forces with a group that she hopes will be her ticket out of the hellish world.
Will Sofia be strong enough to find her way back to her home? Or will the Anima overpower her and destroy her existence?
MAYA is one outstanding book!!! From the first page I discovered a high intense drama that set the stage perfectly for a well-developed novel. The characters each have their own fresh and powerful voice that commands the reader to follow them to the end.
Isabella Bedi has convinced me that she is a very talented author. I knew from the first chapter of her book that I was not reading the works of an amateur. I feel this book would make the excellent start of a series. I could easily see more stories coming forward from characters in this book. I highly recommend her writing and feel the literary world is rejoicing to have gained a gifted author.
by Suzie

Isabella Bedi’s novel impressed me as a reader down to the last page, as she came
up with a full-figured and original language transposed in a captivating fantasy
What I most enjoyed, was the dose of unpredictability that the author managed to infuse through a puzzling plot (Sophia’s story) and characters portrayed by
uniqueness, and the one of freshness added to the classical New York background, all starting at a first view with a banal accident in which the protagonist was involved.
I found “Maya” as a real challenge comparing to what I experience before in reading fantasy and, if at the first view seemed like a novel for kids, I would more recommend it to the teen readers and of course, to the fantasy fan genres. It’s a must read!
by Cristina Slusariuc



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