Interview with Author Sandra Ely

41ARgO8k6GL._UX250_This week our guest is Author Sandra Ely. She is one of my favorite authors, and once you start reading her books, I’m sure she will become one of yours too. I personally recommend her Immortal Hearts series, and her poems books About a Girl, absolutely amazing reads.

Well, enough of my fan girl moment, let’s see what she answered to my questions!

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I always get caught up on this one. How much to tell? What do people actually want to know? I guess, first and foremost, I’m a mom. My two boys are my whole world.
I have a small proofreading/editing/author-service business, Polished Pearl. I write book jackets, do proofreading, and in-document editing.
Words are life. I love to read and I’ll read from almost any genre if the story line is intriguing.
I’m addicted to coffee and absolutely love cats- of all sizes.

34402161How did you come up with the title of “Forever In Her Heart”?
Toward the end of 2016, a sign-up sheet came around to be a part of a clean romance anthology. I was ecstatic considering those don’t fall into my lap, like, ever. I immediately began fleshing out an idea for a novella. The title was actually one I had assigned to another book, but lost focus on. It couldn’t have fit the project better. Callie is brought back together with her first love, who is finally ready to give her a shot. She has to decide if she can move on from the past, or if he’s the “forever in her heart.”

What is your favorite character of “Forever In Her Heart”?
Callie is an obvious choice, but she’s probably one of my favorite characters ever. She has this optimistic belief in fairy-tale endings and happily ever after. I wouldn’t call her naivete, but she’s definitely got an air of innocence that I love.

24022110What genre do you enjoy writing the most and why?
This is a hard one. I enjoy writing in so many genres it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve published in paranormal romance, contemporary romance, dystopian, poetry… I have a short coming out in a ghost story anthology that is definitely horror. I have WIPs ranging from fantasy, to horror, to romance. I guess, if I had to pick, paranormal romance will always be home for me.

How would you describe your writing style?
I’m not sure I have one, honestly. No two projects are exactly the same. Some are written in third person, some in first, one in dual perspectives. Some are outlined, most are not. At the end of the day, I just want to tell a story and tell it right.

What authors inspire your writing?
I don’t know that I’ve been inspired by any specific authors. Stephen King is obviously my author idol. There’s no match for his creativity. But has he been able to inspire my own work? No.

31860051What would you like to be if you weren’t a writer?
This is the question for the ages, isn’t it? When I was 5, I was determined to be the next Reba McIntire. Then, I was going to be an actress. I did some time considering a career as a lawyer, decided against that. Also, decided against pursuing a career as a psychologist. Too much weight to carry on both paths. I wanted to own a store at one point. I considered politics. Now, I have a small author service business and I publish the stories I’ve always loved to write, and through them I can explore any and all career paths I might have chosen, or never wished to pursue for that matter. I also have the most important job in the world: being a mother, I could dream of nothing greater.

What are you working on now?
So, so many things. I have a poetry anthology I’m working on titled, “Pieces of Me.” It’s the follow-up collection to August 2016’s “About A Girl.” I have also been working on the final installment to the Immortal Hearts series, “Renegade’s Redemption.” I have a contemporary romance, “Heart’s Song” that I’m dying to get back to when business slows down a bit for my company. It deals with some heavy issues, like grief and suicide. “Returning to Us” is a contemporary, mature romance that I’ve just recently started, but have high hopes for once it’s completed. I have an anthology of horror shorts I’m compiling, hopefully due out at the beginning of 2018. My short story “Code Blue” will be coming out in an anthology in October. And countless other projects, with and without titles, I desperately need to get back to. My first author signing is scheduled for May of 2019. All good things, the next 12-18 months should be well and truly packed.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
Keep writing. Always. Keep growing in your craft. Strive for each book to be better than the last. Learn to market better with each release. Never give up, never surrender. Being an author isn’t always easy, you’ll have plenty of days when you want to give up. Don’t.






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