ANGER MANAGEMENT: Forgiveness to Your Self and Others, Peace with One Self


This bооk rеviеwѕ what iѕ known аbоut аngеr аnd anger mаnаgеmеnt. It starts with a discussion оf the nature оf аngеr аnd аngеr’ѕ еffесtѕ оn реорlе’ѕ ѕосiаl, emotional and physical wеlfаrе. Rеаѕоnѕ and motivations for рurѕuing anger mаnаgеmеnt are discussed, аnd then ѕресifiс techniques uѕеd in аngеr management courses.





Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure (Taldra Book 1)


An Iroquois family gets tangled in a war between two repressive planets.

Revised, third edition eBook, published in 2016.

On the planet Valchondria, no illness exists, gay marriage is legal, and everyone is a person of color. However, a group called the Maintainers carefully monitors everyone’s speech, actions, and weight; the Maintainers also force colorsighted people to hide their ability to see in color. The brilliant scientist Taldra loves her twin gay sons and sees them as the hope for Valchondria’s future, but one of them becomes entangled in the cult of Degranon, while the other becomes stranded on the other side of a doorway through time. Can they find their way home and help Taldra save their world?

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This very rich sci-fi story captivated me from the beginning. From the main topic of a land where there are no minorities, no differences between races or sexual orientations, to the writing style that transports you into the story in an effortless way, I read this book in record time, unable to put it down.

It’s amazing how the author managed to create such complex society, with characters that felt real, with real struggles, doubts, and concerns. I personally found Taldra’s character fascinating, her commitment with her people and her family are exceptional and add a touch of realism that is hard to accomplish in sci-fi stories.

Degranon includes some controversial topics such as religion, oppression, authoritarianism, fanaticism and homosexuality, and although some of those topics are not explicit, they are an important part of the story development, and leave the reader thinking, after finishing the book, in our own society and cultures.

The fact that Simolke spent so many years creating and editing this book truly shows across its pages. I didn’t read the first edition, with lesser homosexual characters, but this one seemed perfect, I think the author reached a balance of the story and characters that make this book very different from others in the same genre.

I really enjoyed the story and I’m looking forward to read the sequel. I believe I had been trapped into the Degranon’s pages, which some might say “It’s just a book” 😉



Duane Simolke (pronounced “Dwain Smoky”). Education: Belmont University (B.A., ’89, Nashville, TN), Hardin-Simmons University (M.A., ’91, Abilene, TX), and Texas Tech University (Ph.D., ’96, Lubbock, TX), all with a major in English.

Writing published in nightFire, Mesquite, Caprock Sun, Midwest Poetry Review, International Journal on World Peace, and many other publications. Author or co-author of the following books. The Acorn Stories. Stein, Gender, Isolation, and Industrialism: New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio. Holding Me Together. Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure. The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer. The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure.

Winner, Allbooks Reviewers Choice Award and four StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Awards.


I want to eat your books – Spotlight & Review


He’s limping strangely down the hall with outstretched arms and a groaning drawl. A zombie! Could it really be? You race to class, but turn to see he’s sitting in the desk right next to you!

But odds are you’ll probably be okay, because this is no ordinary zombie. This zombie doesn’t want to eat your brains–he wants to eat your books! And he’s not a picky eater with a taste for all genres from mystery to history! But when the zombie catches a whiff of the school library, the children need to come up with a plan fast before all their books become history!

This monster book is silly and fun, with a strong message about kindness and friendship. The little zombie teaches kids not to jump to conclusions and to give everyone a chance. This is the perfect monster book for little ones who want a thrill but aren’t looking for anything too scary. I Want to Eat Your Books is a monstrously fun story not only for Halloween but all year round!

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“I want to eat your books” is a very funny and cute story about the adventures of a group of kids and a zombie that only wants to eat books. The children get involved in a quest to try to save the school’s library when this very particular zombie starts devouring all genres, from non-fiction to horror and history.

Honestly, I laughed on every page of this book, it is very well written and it’s an entertaining story not just for children, but also for grownups.

Through this book, children will learn to take care of their books, to work as a team with a common goal, and to make a habit of reading.

I would recommend it to parents and teachers, as it’s a great tool for the classroom as well as a bed-time story. I’ll definitely save it for when my son is older.



Karin Lefranc grew up living in four countries, but she’s finally settled down in Connecticut with her husband and four children. She attended Bard College in New York and had the opportunity to travel the world again while working for IDG Books helping to license the For Dummies® series into over thirty-five languages. Karin is also a certified children’s yoga teacher. This is her debut picture book.
Tyler Parker received his BFA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and also has an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration from the University of Brighton. He is the illustrator of more than seven children’s books including Monsters Meet on Mondays and The Ice Cream Shuffle. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington.


Story of a Secret Heart – Spotlight & Review


A broken heart hurts, but it can also be fun……

Based on a true story.

As Cassi, a 30-year old single woman, leaves a long-term, unhappy relationship, she struggles with the pain and anguish of a broken heart. When, by chance, she meets a handsome stranger, he introduces her to a world that she didn’t even know existed. As she begins to slowly forget all about her broken heart she learns to have fun again. It is then that her life starts to spiral out of control and all she can do is laugh and hang on tight.

Story of a Secret Heart is about breaking up . . . and breaking down. It’s about the roller-coaster ride of a breakup and all the dating and relationship stories in-between.



Ever been in a bad relationship? Ever discovered that your guy was cheating on you? Now, imagine that this happens when you’re with him and far away from home. And by that, I don’t mean in another city or even another state, but another continent altogether, and left with no friends or family to fall back on.

This is how “Story of a Secret Heart” starts out, as we are introduced to Cassi and her break-up. After that, things start to spin out of control as she meets someone who shows her a world that she had never known, and not necessarily in a good sense.

Through her trials and tribulations, Cassi will have to find her inner strength and keep a smile on her face even in front of adversity. After a few pages, you will surely be rooting for her, as there are many things that you will most likely identify with and other times when you wish you had her strength.

In all, it is not only a deep look at breaking up and picking up the pieces to carry on, but also a lesson in overcoming even the worst of situations.


When I turned 30 I was single, alone and heart broken on the other side of the globe. I started writing as sort of therapy at the time, but after people started reading it and said it was actually good, I thought maybe others might like to hear my story. Maybe those going through a hard time will take something away from it.
Apart from that, you will find out so much more by reading the blog and my book, Story of a Secret Heart… but, I love animals, especially cats, and I love to laugh!
The book, Story of a Secret Heart, is the story of how my broken heart became the making of me. Even today, the stories still make me laugh!


Landry in Like – Spotlight & Review


Things seem to be going well in Landry Albright’s world—she’s getting invited to be on local talk shows to talk about her modeling career, her best friends have her back, and her boyfriend Vladi has becoming someone she can truly count on…and then everything changes.

Suddenly it seems like most of the girls in school are into hanging out at a new teen dance club, while Landry just wants to spend her weekends playing video games and baking cup-cakes at sleepovers. Then, Yasmin McCarty, the most popular girl in school, starts to come between Landry’s friendship with her best friend Ashanti. Things take a turn when Yasmin tells Vladi that Landry is interested in another boy. Can Landry get her relationships with Ashanti and Vladi back or will she be left behind?

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From the moment I saw the cover of the book, the title “Landry in Like” stuck with me. It’s a straightforward title that has a flair about it that you remember long after reading it.

As I started reading, the same applied to the narrative and the story itself. Vivid characters, strong storytelling and an interesting premise. All factors that took me deeper and deeper into the book up to the very end.

“Landry in Like” is book 3 of Landry’s True Colors Series and in it we follow Landry Albright as she is settling into her modeling career. All is going well for her with her friends and relationship until the ties with her best friend are put to test as Yasmin McCarty, the most popular girl in school, comes between them. To make matters worse, she also feeds Landry’s boyfriend, Vladi, information that will put that relationship to the test as well.

From then on, Landry has to struggle with many of the issues that teens face, not only now but also in the past, where simple rumors, jealousy and power struggles can make anyone’s life miserable. Ultimately, it is a great insight into fighting for what you believe in.



Krysten Lindsay Hager is a book addict who has worked as a journalist and humor essayist. She is the author of the LANDRY’s TRUE COLORS SERIES and the STAR SERIES.

TRUE COLORS was her debut novel and the first book in the LANDRY’S TRUE COLORS series. BEST FRIENDS…FOREVER? (Book 2) was #1 in Amazon’s hot new releases in teen & young adult values and virtues fiction and #1 in Amazon’s hot new release in children’s books on values.

Landry in Like (Book 3) was #3 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Girls & Women. Her work has been featured in USA Today, The Flint Journal, the Grand Haven Tribune, the Bellbrook Times, and on the talk show Living Dayton.

Check out her YA novel, NEXT DOOR TO A STAR (book 1 in the STAR SERIES) and COMPETING WITH THE STAR: Book 2 in the STAR SERIES.


FOR3VER by M. Dauphin & H.Q.Frost – Relaunch Tour




When it came to her lifelong friendship to the Porter boys, Ryley Reynolds knew one thing to be true: The 3 of them would be friends forever. Friends ’till the end.

When life got in the way of their plans, one decision changed the course of all of their lives.
Five years later, friends are brought back together, secrets are unveiled, and love is found again.

Has too much damage been done to erase the past?

**18+ due to language and explicit material**

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“Hey, Gage, why don’t you go grab us a few beers from the house,” he said, his eyes not leaving mine.

“Good idea, I thought something was missing,” Gage mumbled as he left Liam and I in the garage. Alone.

“What’s wrong, Ryley?” Liam’s voice was so low, he knew.

“I’m… sorry. I’m so sorry, Liam,” I said, willing myself not to cry.

Liam rushed over to me and held me, staring into my eyes with so much love I almost said ‘screw it’. All I really wanted was to spend the rest of my life with him, raise a family together, grow old together. He made it perfectly clear, though, that he wouldn’t do that to Gage. So there we were.

“What’s going on, Ry?” His voice was worried, frantic almost.

“I’m pregnant, Liam,” I whispered, and then broke down in his arms. His arms came around me tight and he hugged me tighter than ever. Holding me there, letting me cry.

“Shh. It’ll be okay. We will figure this out, Ry. I love you, we can do this. I can get a job, we can work this out.” He kept talking about a future together, but I knew that wasn’t what he wanted. He and Gage finally had a good relationship again, that would ruin Gage.

“No, Liam. Stop. I… I’m not keeping it.”

His body tensed.

“What do you mean, Ryley?”

“I mean… we both have college to attend. I’m in no shape to raise a baby, and Gage would flip. Things are just starting to be okay between us again. I can’t… we can’t. Just, no.” It was the right decision, right? I was eighteen, practically a kid myself still. I couldn’t raise a baby!

Liam pulled away from me and started pacing the floor, running his hands through his hair in pure frustration. Almost like he truly meant it, like he truly wouldn’t mind starting a family at eighteen years old.

“No, Ry. Not happening. You can’t fucking do that to me!” he yelled. It scared me, Liam never yelled at me. The last time he yelled at me was when we were sixteen, and I didn’t want to relive that again.

“Stop, please listen. I can’t have a baby right now. This has to happen, you know it.”

“No, please, Ryley. We can work it out, please promise me. At least think about it. You have time, there’s time, right? There’s still time to think about it? Please, Ryley! That’s just as much mine as it is yours. Please! Don’t do this.” He was pleading now, on his knees in front of me, hugging my stomach. Hugging our baby.

“What’s going on you two?” Gage stood in the doorway, frozen in place. We didn’t answer. Liam was breaking down in front of me and I couldn’t stop crying hard enough to get a full sentence out.

“Oh, Gage,” I whispered. “Oh GOD, Gage, I’m so sorry.”

“Say it,” he ground out.


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This was a heartbreaking story, from the beginning I couldn’t think of a way for Ryley and Liam to work it out, they were made for each other, but a lot of stuff happened between them, mostly involving other people, and their lives took different paths.

This kind of love stories are the saddest, when you know they love each other most than anything but their environment destroy them and separate them.

This is the first book I read from M.Dauphin and H.Q.Frost, but it surely won’t be the last, they are writing soul mates and together created this beautiful, sad but also hopeful story. I can’t wait to put my hands on more books by them.

Buy Links:

Amazon US / Amazon UK

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Meet the Authors:

M. Dauphin

An avid, self-proclaimed closet book nerd by the age of nine, Dauphin didn’t take her love of fictional worlds public until she self-published her first book almost 20 years later. Since putting to paper the voices in her head, she’s fallen in love with a career of building, ruining, and rebuilding fictional character’s lives. Currently, she has self-published two series, two full length novels, and two full length co-authored books she’s written with her other half HQ Frost, as well as been involved with two anthology sets. Her love will always reside with the romance genre, but she does enjoy going off the grid every now and then with non-fiction.

From Southern Illinois, born and raised, she now resides with her husband, two small boys, and two very busy dogs.

Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Instagra

H.Q. Frost

H.Q. Frost is a fiction dictator of contemporary romance, but not limited to. After writing for nineteen years, Destructive Gods is her first published release.

“The improbable is very probable in my worlds.” -H.Q.-

Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Website



Breeder: Arrow’s Flight Book #1 – Spotlight & Review


Nestled within the folds of a war-torn and ruined world, there lies a village. It has no name; it is full of secrets.

Its women survive because they seem to have found a remedy for war; its men survive because the women let them. They all survive because Fate allows it.

Kate never thought much about Fate until she decided not to believe in it anymore. Destined to become a breeder, she wakes up on her sixteenth birthday determined to defy this duty at all cost. It is a heavy price. For her open rebellion, Mona, the Village counsel leader, drags her to the Pit and forces her to confront her mate for the first time.

He is not what Kate expected.

Despite Mona’s fierce punishments for Kate’s disobedience, the tug of her heart grows stronger; it beckons her away from this life and lures her toward the truth about herself, about her village, and about the boy assigned to be her mate.

The questions bring her hope… but the answers?

They terrify her.



This is a very different post-apocalyptic story. My best friend recommend it to me and I had it sitting in my Kindle for months not knowing what to expect. I started reading blindly, I had no clue what it was about, but soon after I started I couldn’t stop reading (and crying).

The story takes place in a village ruled by women, 100 years after The Fall, which is how they call the great war that destroyed most of the world and left only a few people alive. Those that survived created a small community that, in hopes to avoid all kind of war and disasters, decided that men wouldn’t be a part of it, since they are the source of the brutal actions that led the word to its end.

To keep things under control and assure the surveillance of the species, they keep women and men separated from the age of 5, women live in the village and men are taken to the Pit at the age of 16. The villagers rely on Fate, which, through the council and the leader, dictates everyone’s destiny. Women are separated according to their duties, some are gardeners, jailers, hunters, and some are breeders…

I really don’t know how to express all the emotions that this book made me feel. Being a woman and a mother, I can’t conceive the way things were done at the village, how almost no one before Kate thought it was wrong, that they were more than what they were told, that they deserved more, how they could blindly follow someone´s rules and accept her decisions. It made me mad and sad at the same time.

This was a great read, despite the tears; it opened the way to what I expect to be an even greater book, The Archer, which I can’t wait to start. It was beautifully written and very well thought. With detailed descriptions, a high amount of emotion and action, and a very deep message, this is a book to read, re-read, treasure and recommend.

ABOUT THE(1)6556056

Casey Hays is a long time resident of Clovis, New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, where she continues to reside with her husband of 23 years and her two children. A former high school English teacher, she took up writing in 2008, due to her love of the young adult genre.

Her debut novel,The Cadence, a YA supernatural romance, made its appearance in November 2012. Breeder, her first Dystopian Science Fiction novel with underlying Christian elements, and the first in the Arrow’s Flight Series, released January 15, 2014, and features her 15 year-old son as the cover artist. The sequel in the Arrow’s Flight Series, The Archer published in November 2014, is now available. She is currently working on Book 3.

Her favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver, historical fiction author Anya Seton and Christian author Francine Rivers.