Guest Post: Mature Love Vs. Young Love In Romance by Sandra Ely

In a foreward written by Stephen King, he said that it’s easier for him to write about mature love than it is to write about young love. Not because of the content, mind you, but because he is experienced with the former moreso than the latter. So what’s the difference you may be asking yourself.

Young love is the beginning of a romantic relationship when there are butterflies and courting. It’s the process of wooing, of falling, of being so infatuated the other person’s faults are over-looked. While this is not exclusive to romance reads, it is definitely the most prominent genre to explore the subject.

Mature love is the romantic relationship between a couple who have been together for some time. They know each other, see the faults in the other party and accept them, flaws and all. It’s not about the hearts and flowers as the couple have already found their relationship footing. This is not normally found in romance novels, but if done correctly it can be.

The difference between young love and mature love has never been about the inclusion of sex, but about where a couple is on the road of their relationship.

Why choose this topic?

It’s an issue I have been exploring as I start a new contemporary romance titled, “Returning to Us.” In a nutshell, it’s about a man and woman who have been married, who have started a family, and who come to a point in their relationship where they will move forward stronger than ever, or break completely apart.

While there are hints of the relationship that lead the couple to the point where they are currently at in the novel, the memories of their courtship and the early stages of their relationship are not the driving force between their dynamic. The focus is on the flaws in their relationship, how those flaws have effected their present, and how they can overcome them, either together or apart.

I can honestly say this is a project that isn’t as easy for me as building a relationship up from scratch where the reader gets to see early development as it occurs. It’s a battle of how much to tell to ensure the reader knows how these two people came together, but to keep the story focused on what has become of them. Having an established pair, with a complete history in your head is one thing. To try to put the same established pair into the midst of troubled waters with the reader having no idea of their history is quite another.

Mature love is found more often in genres outside of romance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be found within the genre. It’s a fine line to work around, but next time you hear the phrases “young love” or “mature love” you will have a better understanding of it’s literary meaning.


41ARgO8k6GL._UX250_A stay at home wife and mother of two incredible boys, Sandra enjoys writing fiction dealing with supernatural aspects. She lives in Missouri, although she has lived in several other states including: Arizona (where she was born), Colorado, Florida, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Iowa, California, Ohio and Michigan.




Author Spotlight: Valeria Wenderoth

10801917Valeria Wenderoth was born in Italy on a fresh summer evening. She was raised bilingual (Italian and French) and lived in Rome until she moved to Hawaii, then Colorado, and lately to Florida. She holds a PhD in Music History and has been a professor at the University of Hawaii for many years. She presently develops and teaches graduate and undergraduate online courses.

Besides working in Academia, Ms. Wenderoth is a passionate mystery reader and writer, and a technology enthusiast. She is the Founder and Principal of Book Trailer Sync, a company that creates, produces and distributes book trailers for published authors.

BAD BY THE NUMBERS is the first of her Lieutenant Sorensen series.

23840402“BAD BY THE NUMBERS is a meticulously crafted police procedural, with plenty of mystery, tense action and a solid romance to sweeten the mix.” (Award-winning author of the Cilla Stephenson mysteries, T. H. Pine).

While jogging, explosives expert Nick Harris finds a driver’s license at Denver City Park. He grabs it, forgets about it and, never dreaming of the sinister consequences that will haunt him, he flies to Paris for a conference.

A shooting at Brighton University, Colorado, results in two victims, both professors. The alleged killer, another BU professor, is caught onsite and taken to jail. The case appears to be straightforward, but Brighton Police Lieutenant, Mark Sorensen, senses that something is missing from the picture.

After a day goes by, the corpse of a third professor is found in the Denver City Park’s lake. Is he the missing piece of the puzzle?

As Sorensen navigates through the university’s political labyrinth to solve the multiple-murder case, Nick’s name comes up as a possible suspect. The accusation prompts Nick to embark on his own quest in Paris with the aid of a mysterious, witty woman and of an eager Parisian journalist.

A fast-paced, page-turner mystery, BAD BY THE NUMBERS will make you guess to the end.

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

Or so Sorensen’s chief thinks. The problem for Sorensen is figuring out just who the murderer is this time. With two bodies, the smoking gun, and the shooter (we know, because her fingerprints are on the gun), it looks like a wrap, until the third body, then the fourth, then…heck, who’s counting anymore. Not one to jump to conclusions, Sorensen accepts help when he needs it and serendipitous ends up with an international team of experts brought together by fate and the book cover on a children’s story. A rollicking tale split between Metro Denver and Paris that has all the elements for a thriller, but as Sorensen notes early in the morning after a sleepless night, without the zombies. Worst of all, none of it makes sense, until the good guys—at least, that’s how Selma classifies herself and her array of exes (one with a car) and others who are just friends—step up to help Nick prove he’s not the one Sorensen is looking for. Explosives, the Internet, Guy Fawkes, and transportation strikes in Paris all come together to keep the various players on their toes, or at least in the case of the extra chair in Sorensen’s office not comfortable when they do sit down. “Bad by the Numbers: A Lieutenant Sorensen novel” is a promising beginning to a new series by Valeria SK Holmesley

When a college professor’s student goes missing, at the same time an unidentified body dies in a suspicious fire, the professor gets drawn into solving the mystery. Is it related to research her student was doing? The motive is unique and the story moves quickly. I like how the author weaves in the relationship issues between the professor and her husband along the Diane Weiner


Interview with Author Oliver Markus Malloy

16968834Oliver Markus Malloy is a cartoonist and writer. Born and raised in Germany, he currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

He is the author of the Bad Choices Make Good Stories series, which tell the true story of his journey when he left Germany and moved to USA.

Let’s see what he answered to my questions!!!


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Germany. As a teenager I was a bit of a computer nerd (well, I guess I still am) and a hacker. But back then hacking wasn’t about all that evil stuff hackers do today. Back then we just used to remove the copy-protection from video games, so we could share the games with our friends who couldn’t afford to buy them.

That’s how I met Donna. She lived in New York. I flew to America to visit her, and I kind of got stuck here. A lot of crazy stuff happened, and at one point I was so depressed, I thought I was going to lose my mind. So I wrote it all down. First I wrote it just for myself. But then I figured, I might as well make a book out of it. Maybe someone else can learn a thing or two from my mistakes, and they’ll avoid the heartache I went through.

bad-choices-make-good-stories-going-to-new-york-free-kindle-ebook-2How did you come up with the title of “Bad Choices Make Good Stories”?

It’s just the perfect motto for my life. The German FBI raided my house twice, and on my first day in New York I got into a street fight. And those were the calm days. The real insanity happened in Florida. I almost got myself killed a few times.

What is your favorite character of “Bad Choices Make Good Stories”?

Since it’s a true story based on my life, I guess that would be me. Haha!

What genre do you enjoy writing the most and why?

I’m a humorist, first and foremost. I started out drawing cartoons for a living. They were published in various magazines. Then they ended up in books. Eventually I began to write short humorous essays for a couple of different entertainment blogs, and those turned into a few books.

bad-choices-make-good-stories-2-the-heroin-scene-in-fort-myersHow would you describe your writing style?

People who know me say that the way I write sounds exactly like the way I talk. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. And I’m a bit of a minimalist. I try to say things in the least amount of words. Sometimes I write a paragraph, re-read it, delete it, and say everything the paragraph said in one sentence. And there are almost no descriptions of scenery in Bad Choices Make Good Stories. I leave most of the visualization to the reader’s imagination.

What authors inspire your writing?

Growing up, I used to read a lot of Stephen King. He didn’t waste pages upon pages describing sunsets and sceneries. He got right to the point. I think that has inspired my writing. And I really liked that his books felt uncensored and raw. I absolutely hate America’s obsession with censorship.

What would you like to be if you weren’t a writer?

I’m living the dream. I’m a writer and cartoonist, and there’s nothing else I’d rather be. The last time I had a “real” job was as production manager for a newspaper in Brooklyn, NY. I quit in May of 2000 and I haven’t had a 9-5 job since. Life is good. (Well, except the almost getting killed part.)

bad-choices-make-good-stories-3-finding-happiness-in-los-angelesWhat are you working on now?

Bad Choices Make Good Stories is actually a trilogy. Each of them describe a part of my life. The first one, Going to New York, is all about growing up in Europe and my life in New York. It ends when I move to Fort Myers, FL. The second book is all about my life in Florida and the insane things that happened there. Right now I’m working on the third book, my life in Los Angeles. Each of the three books can be read as a stand-alone, or as part of the trilogy.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

The secret to good writing is to use small words for big ideas, not to use big words for small ideas.

Albert Einstein once said: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” and “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

I think effective communication is all about the art of expressing complex thoughts in simple language that anyone can understand.

I hate it when people who have absolutely nothing original or thought-provoking to say, try to use big words to sound smart, and then write a bunch of trivial garbage, while hiding behind a facade of high falootin’ vocabulary.

And find your own voice, instead of copying someone else. Be true to yourself. Don’t worry about offending people with your thoughts.



You can find Oliver’s books following those links

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Connect with Oliver!


Author Spotlight: Jolie Pethtel

5244232Jolie Pethtel, an avid reader and writer, has always loved a good plot twist. In fact, when watching movies with her family she typically spoils the ending before the big reveal with her guesses, but nothing thrills her more than being wrong—except maybe hearing that a reader never saw the twists and turns coming in one of her own books.

She has two published novels from her Jezebel Jinx Mystery series; Painted Jezebel and Poison Pens. On Wings of Darkness is her first paranormal romance.


On Wings of Darkness

24798017What would happen if you were meant to die, but someone intervened?

Your very existence would disrupt the natural balance, effecting everyone you touch for the remainder of your unnatural life.

What if you met your soul mate? A man who was meant for you alone, but at the same time not because you should no longer exist?

This is what happens to Adara James when she crosses paths with Journey Montgomery, a man unknowingly shadowed by darkness.

This is no chance meeting between two human strangers, but a collision of souls whose continued proximity to one another has the potential to tear apart the world.

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

I was captured by the first few chapters and loved the plot. I really loved this book it kept me guessing right up to the last page. I love the stories about fallen angels and this one was different and unique. This fallen angel was evil and selfish and determined to win the heart of the man she was in love with. The plot get very interesting and I think this was an awesome read. Thanks again for letting me read and -A-

I really enjoyed this book. The story and plot as well the characters well written. Adara and Adele was opposite from each other which is different with them being twins. Adara grow being stronger after what happen when she was child. but she still was quite but still sassy her sister on the other hand was out there and had mouth on her. liked Elysian and Journey. Journey was funny and caring. Elysian was strange guy. Love the happy ever ending. love read more of your work in the future Jolie. thank youby Theresa F


Interview with Author Sandra Ely

41ARgO8k6GL._UX250_This week our guest is Author Sandra Ely. She is one of my favorite authors, and once you start reading her books, I’m sure she will become one of yours too. I personally recommend her Immortal Hearts series, and her poems books About a Girl, absolutely amazing reads.

Well, enough of my fan girl moment, let’s see what she answered to my questions!

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I always get caught up on this one. How much to tell? What do people actually want to know? I guess, first and foremost, I’m a mom. My two boys are my whole world.
I have a small proofreading/editing/author-service business, Polished Pearl. I write book jackets, do proofreading, and in-document editing.
Words are life. I love to read and I’ll read from almost any genre if the story line is intriguing.
I’m addicted to coffee and absolutely love cats- of all sizes.

34402161How did you come up with the title of “Forever In Her Heart”?
Toward the end of 2016, a sign-up sheet came around to be a part of a clean romance anthology. I was ecstatic considering those don’t fall into my lap, like, ever. I immediately began fleshing out an idea for a novella. The title was actually one I had assigned to another book, but lost focus on. It couldn’t have fit the project better. Callie is brought back together with her first love, who is finally ready to give her a shot. She has to decide if she can move on from the past, or if he’s the “forever in her heart.”

What is your favorite character of “Forever In Her Heart”?
Callie is an obvious choice, but she’s probably one of my favorite characters ever. She has this optimistic belief in fairy-tale endings and happily ever after. I wouldn’t call her naivete, but she’s definitely got an air of innocence that I love.

24022110What genre do you enjoy writing the most and why?
This is a hard one. I enjoy writing in so many genres it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve published in paranormal romance, contemporary romance, dystopian, poetry… I have a short coming out in a ghost story anthology that is definitely horror. I have WIPs ranging from fantasy, to horror, to romance. I guess, if I had to pick, paranormal romance will always be home for me.

How would you describe your writing style?
I’m not sure I have one, honestly. No two projects are exactly the same. Some are written in third person, some in first, one in dual perspectives. Some are outlined, most are not. At the end of the day, I just want to tell a story and tell it right.

What authors inspire your writing?
I don’t know that I’ve been inspired by any specific authors. Stephen King is obviously my author idol. There’s no match for his creativity. But has he been able to inspire my own work? No.

31860051What would you like to be if you weren’t a writer?
This is the question for the ages, isn’t it? When I was 5, I was determined to be the next Reba McIntire. Then, I was going to be an actress. I did some time considering a career as a lawyer, decided against that. Also, decided against pursuing a career as a psychologist. Too much weight to carry on both paths. I wanted to own a store at one point. I considered politics. Now, I have a small author service business and I publish the stories I’ve always loved to write, and through them I can explore any and all career paths I might have chosen, or never wished to pursue for that matter. I also have the most important job in the world: being a mother, I could dream of nothing greater.

What are you working on now?
So, so many things. I have a poetry anthology I’m working on titled, “Pieces of Me.” It’s the follow-up collection to August 2016’s “About A Girl.” I have also been working on the final installment to the Immortal Hearts series, “Renegade’s Redemption.” I have a contemporary romance, “Heart’s Song” that I’m dying to get back to when business slows down a bit for my company. It deals with some heavy issues, like grief and suicide. “Returning to Us” is a contemporary, mature romance that I’ve just recently started, but have high hopes for once it’s completed. I have an anthology of horror shorts I’m compiling, hopefully due out at the beginning of 2018. My short story “Code Blue” will be coming out in an anthology in October. And countless other projects, with and without titles, I desperately need to get back to. My first author signing is scheduled for May of 2019. All good things, the next 12-18 months should be well and truly packed.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
Keep writing. Always. Keep growing in your craft. Strive for each book to be better than the last. Learn to market better with each release. Never give up, never surrender. Being an author isn’t always easy, you’ll have plenty of days when you want to give up. Don’t.





Author Spotlight: S.A. Bergen

1661148S.A. Bergen was born in Canada where she still lives with her husband of over 30 years, Gord. They have one grown son, Aaron, who serves in the Canadian military. Having something to do with books is nothing new to S.A.

She has created the artwork for several book covers over the years, including the popular Zippered Flesh 1 and 2 Anthology series published by Smart Rhino Publications.

She is currently working on the cover art for Zippered Flesh 3 to be released in 2015. She is a founding member Groundfrost Illustration &Design (2004) along with fellow artist Antti Isosomppi. She functions as an artist as well as the administrator. The two artists together created the artwork for the graphic comic Lobster Girl, written by J. Morvay, which went on to become the best-selling independent comic of 2008. In recent years they added another artist to their fold, Matt Shealy. Together they have created artwork for clients such as The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, John London, The Killers, God Forbid and Fragments of Unbecoming, to name but a few.

Siren’s Song is S.A’s first publication but it will certainly not be her last. She has now started working on book 1 of a planned trilogy with her writing partner J.M. They are also considering giving Luci his own book pre Siren’s Song. As mentioned, Siren’s Song is the first publication for the pair, but there are more books planned.

Siren’s Song

23044108Flex Sefiroth is an angel. A fallen angel to be specific. Extremely tall and intelligent and always in control. Flex suddenly finds himself in uncharted waters when he hears the most beautiful voice while in Paris France for some much needed R and R.

Obsessed with finding its source he searches desperately until the sound leads him to a small old fashioned bookshop where he finds the most enchanting redhead, Evette la Fontaine.

She is the most exquisite thing he has ever seen in all his countless centuries of existence. But he soon discovers that over a century and a half of her being shunned by every male she ever encountered, both human and immortal alike, have taken its toll on the lovely Evette.

Flex must have her and pulls out all stops to woo her.

But will the timid little bookworm succumb to his charms?

Could another’s need for redemption destroy what could be?

5641466_origABOUT THE(2)

Well written, detail orientated, and smoldering are the first words that came to mind when I sat down to write the review. I absolutely love this book and I highly recommend it to everyone!! The authors made Evette and Flex come alive on the pages and I never wanted to put the book down, I also did not want the book to end. I KNOW I will be rereading this book over and over again!! I do not want to say anymore, because I do not want to risk giving away spoilers. Get your copy today and enjoy all that Evette and Flex have to offer (hot, steamy, love)!!!by Amazon customer


Picture me this – Spotlight


“One snap with the shutter of my camera, and you will be mine forever,” he whispered.

My name is Sam, short for Samantha. I’m regular, boring and plain. During my time in college, the only class I could ever relax in was photography, or at least… until I met him.

The new photography teacher changed everything. He is too sexy for his own good, and his mind too twisted for words to describe. Now, I live every aching moment thinking about him, knowing that I shouldn’t.
Together, we spiraled out of control, tumbled into the darkness, and honestly..?
I think I like it.
5641466_origABOUT THE(2)
Marina is amazing at portraying characters. I really liked the way she was able to describe both Aidan and Sam (especially Sam) through their inner monologues and thoughts. She did it in a subtle but profound way. Every problem they were facing, she was able to justify by her character’s traits, so every reaction seemed natural and normal.
She gave Sam and Aiden weaknesses that made them seem more real and by doing it, made me doubt some of their choices, but you also let me think there was a possibility of redemption. As a reader, that possibility gave me hope in their eventual HEA.
I also liked their physical relationship. Those scenes played with my head, my imagination and my nerves- they were the absolute best! They added to the depth of both of the protags ad made the lines blurred. Perfect!
As for the descriptions of the art of photography and its meaning in the lives of Sam and Aiden- I know nothing about photography- it was soooo nice to read about it! I know nothing about the author’s personal life, but her descriptions made me wonder about whether is it also one of her personal passions? She wrote about it as if she really felt deep for that kind of artistic expression and that’s what made her characters so realistic.”  by Rose Strong
“This was a first time i read from this author, will NOT be my last !!! LOVED the characters, the story line, the dark erotic/thriller, and also the secrets/taboo of the story as well… the author did an awesome job of setting up not only the story, but the characters… they are definately NOT what i expected when i first started the book… Aiden Robinson- is our “H” of the book and yes, he is HOT, Sexy, Alpha male, ‘new professor’ for the photography program on campus, has some secrets…. (hmmm??)
Then we have our ‘h’ Samantha, aka.. ‘Sam’ – she is beautiful, comes from a family that thinks she is ‘perfect'(she doesn’t want to break that illusion for them.) her parents are very successful and pay for her college.. looking on outside – Sam has it all.. beauty, body, family, all american girl.. yet she is found behind the dumpster smoking ‘pot’ by no other… ‘Aiden’ or prof Robinson… (even Aiden believes she is just a girl who is spoiled and model type wanting to be seen..) until, he asks the class for a project and Samantha shows him “her TRUE self, thru PICTURES OF HERSELF!” WHAT should scare Aiden, turns him on … they are dark, she is broken, raw, open for anyone to see she is NOT the “perfect girl” this sparks even more than what was already between the two of them and there is something that is pulling these two together….. yes, this book is sexy, HOT, yet also, dark, mysterious, and you must read to see what is the secrets they both hide and can these two broken people come together and make it work or will they destroy one another…. great book!!!” by Fite11

Marina is an avid book-reader and writer who is no stranger to fantasy in all its forms. Her favorite part of writing is coming up with smart heroines and hot hunks with a dab of personality. Intermingling them just makes it better, as well as sexier.

She just finished up her second Erotic Story “Picture Me This“; a hot new title about a photography teacher that just can’t seem to stop getting into trouble with one of his gorgeous students.

The book has very light BDSM and a sweet ending between two consensual adults who really can’t get enough of each other.