Live to Tell: A Self Managing Child Slave Survivor of Pol Pot’s Regime


Live to Tell is a gripping testimony from Sonita Zainal of bone true facts and emotional recollections; designed to show the world how even when only a young girl, from age five; for four years, with amazing grit and determination, she could endure and survive the horrendous Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia – eventually escaping through jungle infested landmines to United Nations refugee camps in Thailand.

After losing her beloved father when only six years old, and already a victim of opportunistic abuse, Sonita became a child slave to work in rice fields – constantly putting herself in danger; with determination and initiative, to avoid starvation – showing a stay alive against all odds attitude in desperation to survive, and being witness to barbaric atrocities of that crazed, murderous regime. So, in order to manage her own survival; relying only on personal initiative, Sonita quickly became an adult minded, responsible kid – with no natural childhood. She only remembers two playthings; one she would rather have done without.

The writer has presented shocking and unbelievable – yet unfortunately true stories, of victims and survivors of that barbaric and misguided regime; showing herself to be deeply empathetic to those – particularly women – who were themselves young at that time, and now live everyday with haunting memories of their traumatic experiences – often, the loss of innocent loved ones. She has returned a number of times; of which she writes, to connect and research with survivors and family members in her birth and neighbouring countries.

Sonita expresses her sadness to see, decades later, so many of those survivors still living in poverty – often on their own; having had husbands murdered by that regime, or now separated from enforced marriage to Khmer Rouge men – now struggling on with determination to survive and make the best of their lives for themselves and any children they may have; who often are helping their mothers or aunties to the best of their abilities. The writer shows how deeply touched she is when seeing, or meeting, desperate children scrounging for food items; or even more so, older ones, striving committedly with focused determination and initiative, to improve their own or family living conditions and life prospects. Which, as she states, reminds her so poignantly of her own survival endeavours, when in similar circumstances, at the same age span – and is so powerfully written about. She inspires as an admirable example of the fortitude of destitute children, who show that they are determined to never give up; in any adverse situation.

Sonita writes to clearly show how she thought and reacted, in those continually dangerous and unstable childhood years – being always mindful to not overstate with knowledge that she did not have at the time; and if not having detailed memory of an event, always mentions so, when complementing her story with later adult knowledge and insight. The book is not just a sequence of stories of events, but is impregnated with profound reflected understanding of behaviours and inspirational teaching; to give it worthy credit of being a meritorious literature. It is cleverly written, in the manner of the author’s child mind, at the time of events portrayed – she is even able to show some fun and humour; as a child may naturally seek to express – even in appalling circumstances. Sonita impresses with her candid honesty; giving stark exposure of dreadful life situations; that most of us from secure backgrounds, would find hard to imagine. Readers are sure to be captivated and enthralled by this book; finding it hard to put down until read. Those who have had a difficult childhood, will find an understanding, compassionate and inspiring friend.



Animals In Action: Colouring Book for Adults


Relaxed Fun With A Special Colouring Book.

Considering the busy daily routines of modern life, it’s no wonder colouring books for adults have become so popular.

In many ways, colouring has meditative properties. A task that is creative without being demanding, hits all the right reward spots of the brain. Focusing on this simple task takes your mind off everyday problems and anxieties.

“Animals in Action” is a colouring book that takes your stress relief seriously.

Detailed Designs, Better Focus.

I paid extra attention to each drawing, so they are as detailed and realistic as possible. Extra details grab your attention, absorb you in the colouring task, keeping your mind free from everything else.

Better detailed drawings also mean more ways to be creative. Make each page your own by using your favourite colour schemes.

Lively Animals, Stress-Free Mind.

It’s a well-known fact that spending time and watching animals is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. This is why I decided to make animals in action the theme of my colouring book. In “Animals In Action”, you will find 30 attractive drawings of lions, horses, cats, dogs, giraffes and more, in various lively snapshots. Let your mind focus on the beauty of nature and the animal kingdom.

If colouring relaxes you, colouring the right drawings could be the most calming activity for you. Have fun and rediscover yourself by engaging in an activity that allows you to be you in the moment.






Sofia Taylor awakes from a car accident to find her world has been turned upside down. An Anima has taken her identity and trapped her on the other side.

Sofia must find a way to stop the Anima and return home, before it is too late. But, other forces are at play and Sofia must learn, as quickly as possible, how things are governed in the underworld.

With the lord of the underworld hot on her tail, Sofia seeks the guidance from the higher council, a collection of celestial beings. However, no one can help her, not even a fallen angel. She navigates her way around the lower realms, with two tortured souls and the higher council, all racing to uncover the Anima’s plan. All of them suffer a rude awakening.



Sofia Taylor’s life was forever changed when she learns that she has been in a car accident. When she awakes she finds that she is being held on the other side by an Anima.
She refuses to be held against her will. She breaks free of her abductor and sets out to learn how to escape the underworld. On her journey to find freedom she joins forces with a group that she hopes will be her ticket out of the hellish world.
Will Sofia be strong enough to find her way back to her home? Or will the Anima overpower her and destroy her existence?
MAYA is one outstanding book!!! From the first page I discovered a high intense drama that set the stage perfectly for a well-developed novel. The characters each have their own fresh and powerful voice that commands the reader to follow them to the end.
Isabella Bedi has convinced me that she is a very talented author. I knew from the first chapter of her book that I was not reading the works of an amateur. I feel this book would make the excellent start of a series. I could easily see more stories coming forward from characters in this book. I highly recommend her writing and feel the literary world is rejoicing to have gained a gifted author.
by Suzie

Isabella Bedi’s novel impressed me as a reader down to the last page, as she came
up with a full-figured and original language transposed in a captivating fantasy
What I most enjoyed, was the dose of unpredictability that the author managed to infuse through a puzzling plot (Sophia’s story) and characters portrayed by
uniqueness, and the one of freshness added to the classical New York background, all starting at a first view with a banal accident in which the protagonist was involved.
I found “Maya” as a real challenge comparing to what I experience before in reading fantasy and, if at the first view seemed like a novel for kids, I would more recommend it to the teen readers and of course, to the fantasy fan genres. It’s a must read!
by Cristina Slusariuc


Uncle Ben’s money lessons: Part I: Do you want to work for money?

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Who is going to teach your children how to manage money?

Money does not come with a user’s manual and children are not taught basic money management skills in most homes. They are left to figure it out based on how they see their parents handle money, who learned from their parents too.

Jason is a typical 4th grader next door who wanted a better life than his parents had. At a Christmas holiday family reunion back at the village, he met a wealthy businessman through his Uncle, who gives him some money lessons.

Uncle Ben’s money lessons Part 1 tells the story of the money lessons Jason and his friends learned as Uncle Ben taught them how to make money work for them through growing a money tree and making the crossing from being a hunter to a farmer.

This is a valuable lesson for 7 – 18 year olds as they start their life journey, including learning skills that will equip them to manage money successfully as adults.




Usiere Uko is not your regular personal finance expert. He worked for a national and international oil company as an engineer before he quit to follow his dreams. He achieved financial independence by learning from first principles and has devoted his life to teaching others to become free to be who they were born to be so that they can do what they were born to do.

He is a man on a mission – to inspire everyday folks to rise above their circumstances/excuses and live their dreams. He calls himself a dreamer who lives next door to reality, and believes everyone has a God given right to live his or her dreams.

Usiere is a personal finance coach, a Personal Finance columnist for Punch and Daily Trust Newspapers (both in Nigeria). He also writes Leadership & Lifestyle and Today’s Lifeline magazines.

Usiere is a rookie marathoner, wannabe sky diver and believes in living life without limits. He has lived in the US, UK and France in the course of his engineering career. Usiere now lives in Lagos Nigeria and is happily married with a lovely son and daughter.



The Breath of Odin Awakens: Secrets of the Önd, Hamingja & Norse Luck Unveiled


Ever wondered how some people have all the ‘luck in the world’ whilst others struggle in an endless loop of hardship? Ever wondered how some people just ‘stumble’ on the best opportunities, one after the other? How all their needs seem to be inexplicably met in rapid succession? Ever wondered why some people seem to develop incredible mental abilities whilst others struggle to understand the basics?

Well, stop wondering! The concept of ‘Norse Luck’, also known as the power of luck, gives insights into all those situations. A mysterious, almost mystical energy that fuels luck, fortune, success and health was known to our ancestors as ‘megin’ and produced by one of our energy organs (called the ‘hamingja’). Available to all. Megin is often ignore and can be depleted by life, wastage, or poor health and resulting in everything becoming so much more difficult. The hamingja and its secrets are finally revealed in plain language with no mystery for all to grasp.

The Breath of Odin Awakens shows you how to gain direct access to this ‘luck power’, how to increase it, how to use it, regenerate it and most importantly how to stop others from stealing it. For those interested, it will show you how to enhance and expand your very Self. At long last, the missing link runemasters have known about for aeons, as well as how they empowered their rune work with actual power. Find the missing key, which is openly shared in its full glory!



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“Wow dam wow, is it just me or has this book just revealed to the public what spiritual power is, how it is generated and used?
Not only that but echoing the review left on the Amazon Canada web site the practices in this book are potent. The author outlines the topic sources in the actual eddas without overdoing the scholarly and then goes to explain the actual techniques keeping to the tradition. You won’t find any ritualistic nonsense, nor new age twisting to make it fit into something which it is not. By far one of the best books on Runes around.
It is the first of a series which has the goal of teaching actual the runes. It is written in such a clear and elegant. It is easy to mistakenly think you are sitting face to face with one of the Aesir and they are teaching you.
Highly recommended to anyone studying or following the spiritual traditions be it Norse or not. you will not find any such detailed material elsewhere. Can’t wait for the next!” by NorseStudent

“I took a chance on this book as it was so new but glad I did. The information is fresh and not just regurgitated from other authors or sources…which is something I find a lot of metaphysical books do that irritates me. I’ve done the first two exercises so far and have to say I’m impressed.” by Sylari





Peace Diet: Reverse Obesity, Aging, and Disease by Eating for Peace, Mind, and Body


Reverse disease, aging and obesity by eating for peace of body, mind, and spirit. According to the “Peace Plate”. Thousands have lost weight effortlessly while eating more food because their body is a Peace. Others have found a surprising peace of mind. Still others have found that many of their medications become unnecessary by following this scientifically based program along with its 8 enhancements of optimizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Along with optimizing exposure to earth, air, fire and water. This book is written by award-winning Harvard-trained nutritionist and physician Dr. Terry Shintani with Foreword by world-reknowned Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study.



“I highly recommend this book. Learning to unlearn bad eating habits allowed me to transition into a healthier lifestyle- This book is excellent for the newbie to health and wellness as well as the seasoned health nut who needs to update old information and relearn ways to stay healthy and happy. It is all about taking care of the total person– we are multifaceted individuals who need to remember to heal the WHOLE body to be truly healthy. Thank You for writing this book– aloha from your #1 fan !!” by GfromHawaii

“This is a must have book for every home. The results from following Dr Shintanis work are life changing. I have dropped 40 lbs,lowered my blood pressure and feeling much better overall. This book explains the why and how of healthy lifestyle choices in eating. Read and follow his program you will be glad you did. Excellent Dr. Excellent book.” by Frances

“Dr Shintani is amazing in how he puts it all together. This is not just about one area in your life. It takes the whole person (spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.) and puts it all together. We are a product of everything that goes into us … not just food. Thank you Dr. Shintani for your guidance and insight.” by Roselyn



Terry Shintani MD, JD, MPH, KCSJ is an American physician, nutritionist, attorney, professor, author, lecturer, and radio talk show host. He is formally designated a “Living Treasure” of Hawaii and is officially knighted by the Orthodox Order of St. John of Jerusalem. He serves as the CEO of the International Holistic Therapy Association and as Professor and Associate Chair of the Dept of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine.


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